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Wedding Planners

"M.S.M.L" has a fully capable and self sufficient Bridal Event Planner that is dedicated to creating dream weddings. We offer holistic solutions, either as a customized, bespoke service or in a packaged format. Our weddings reflect your lifestyle and personality, and we work closely with you to create unforgettable moments and lifelong memories.

We assist with all the planning, facilitating, negotiating, and handling of various aspects of wedding planning and ensure that you receive the best services for the best price.  The end-to-end solutions come to you with the M.S.M.L  guarantee backed by our strong in-house production set up and long-established vendor relations in the industry.
Designer Weddings

Our top-notch Designer Weddings are designed to suit the discerning and the distinguished. It is a creative journey whose milestones are anticipating your needs and satisfying it with our stamp of technical essentials and distinctive aesthetics. Together we establish what you envisage for your wedding and turn that dream into a reality.

Our scope starts with the pre-event planning through to execution right up to the post-event winding up.

We also source / produce / execute and / or coordinate / manage the best experts in various fields of floral, set design, decor, interiors, lighting, audio/video, etc. put them all together on a platform to create a fantastic, ultra magical experience for the client and their guests.  It is an experience where nothing is repeated, there is complete customization and all of it is done with complete consideration to discretion and confidentiality.

MANSA - Special Events [P] Ltd.

"MSML"  has recently launched a range of fully packaged wedding management solutions under the brand name MANSA.  The MANSA client gets to enjoy all the capabilities, experience and rich resource bank of "MSML" in a non-customized format. It is a readymade format to ensure that you are able to stay within your budget without compromising on quality.

This concept shall have a smorgasbord of designs and styles on offer from which the customer can pick and choose a suitable and cost-effective solution.  Every wedding season a new range of designs shall be launched, in step with the latest trends.
In this format the client will find a complete wedding solution along with convenience, quality commitment and timely delivery of all aspects of arranging an Indian wedding:

Wedding Related Services offered by "MSML" include:-

  • Recommendation of, Facilitation, Negotiation and Finalisation with Vendors
  • Venue Selection
  • Linen
  • Florals - Ordering and Application
  • Designing by a Floral Designer
  • Accessories - Napkin Rings, Candles, Table Enhancements, Table Arrangements
  • Concept based F&B Services
  • F&B Consultation-Food and Layouting
  • Transportation
  • Artiste Management
  • Event Show Run
  • Invitation
  • Photographer/ Videographer
  • Fireworks
  • Guest Movement Logistics
  • Airport Management
  • Residential Venue Management
  • Departures
  • Co-ordination with all Vendors
  • Ambience & Intelligent Lighting
  • World-class Bartending