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M.S. Communications Inc

M.S. Communications Inc. is one of the top strategic Public Relations (PR) agencies in India, with base in Mumbai, specialising in Strategic Public Relations (PR), Corporate Communications, Strategic Crisis Management and Communications, Celebrity Endorsement Study, Brand Management, Event Management in India and core Marketing consultancy at policy level with strong agency presence in  Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Rajasthan.
 Today the business world is unanimous that hiring a strategic Public Relations (PR) consultancy agency is an investment and companies in India are using it positively to make strategic communications with its existing and prospective customers, employees, clients, stakeholders, media and everyone they value. An effective and strategic PR agency builds credibility, stands by you as an active domain player to develop a strong brand image with precise positioning in the market, triggers sales, helps you to get quality people and gives many other competitive advantages that your business strives for. So choosing a quality PR agency in India that offers strategic PR and understands your sector in India is very critical, as the PR agency will design and implement strategic PR campaign for you across India to help you achieve your organisational goal driving your business revenue.


We are a knowledge based one of the top strategic public relations (PR) agencies in India, with base in Mumbai, specialising in strategic PR in India and understand that good PR agencies should be serving clients as well as the media with respect to the Performance Recognition. We make business chronicles in India establishing a "why you" principle that attracts media reaching your customers and partners. When our competitor PR agencies in India are fully occupied in managing press releases, we brainstorm in 80% of our consultancy hours to manufacture a brand essence at policy level for our clients and rest of the time for strategic media communications so that the right message goes to the right people in India through the right media beating your competitors and yielding maximum ROI in your business.